The Tomb of Lord Talcet

First Adventure Ravanor Campaign

—The PCs began in Skyhaven, a small, enclosed hamlet near a tributary of the Falkin River and surrounded by boreal forests. Their hamlet had recently, within the last three weeks, been occupied by elements of a hobgoblin army which had overthrown the kingdom, possibly with infernal assistance.

Adventure Summary:

Jasper, the owner of Skyhaven’s only supply shop, had agreed to sell the PCs equipment in violation of the hobgoblin commander’s order. He was subsequently arrested by hobgoblins for illegally arming the populace and fomenting dissent. Under duress, he identified the PCs.
--A long-time friend of the PCs-,- Lexi, a half-elf ranger—-who inexplicably was working for the hobgoblin commander in administration at the command post, warned the PCs that the hobgoblins were coming to search their residence for illegal weapons (if found, they would be arrested or worse). Fortunately, she was able to take the equipment herself to Overlook Cavern (which overlooks Skyhaven) through a secret tunnel that goes under the wall surrounding the hamlet, and agreed to meet the PCs there after their residence was searched.
—By the time the PCs made it through the tunnel to the cavern, there was no sign of Lexi but they did find their equipment. After searching the caverns, they discovered drag marks and it appears Lexi was accosted and dragged through a small tunnel into a corridor of what appeared to be the rumored Tomb of Lord Talcet.
—The PCs explored the tomb encountering and defeating a giant water spider, various undead, hobgoblin forces and also discovered and talked their way out of a confrontation with a Drow scouting party. They did discover Lord Talcet is a wight and was in service to the vile Headless Lord and ultimately defeated him as well as a hobgoblin captain and his death dog. Finally, the successfully rescued Lexi from a cell and acquired a magic sword.


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